There are many reasons to love LG washing machines. These machines have something to offer everyone from their sleek designs to their impressive performance. Here are 25 benefits of LG washing machines that will make you want one for your home.

1. The LG Washing machine works quietly

LG washers are designed with an advanced technology that rotates the tub in a way that allows the agitator to spin more gently, making for a machine that is quieter when it’s running. So much so, you may start feeling guilty about all the times you slammed it to get it to shut up.

2. LG washers are better at removing stains

LG washing machines use deep-cleaning jets that help remove stains even more effective than other brands’ highest setting. Just let your regular cycle run its course and see how much cleaner your clothes come out.

3. They’re energy-efficient

Because of their Energy Star certification, all LG washers offer high performance while using less water and energy, saving you time and money.

4. It uses even less water than other washer brands

The Eco-wash cycle on an LG washing machine uses about 40% less water than conventional machines, so your clothes come out just as clean with a lot less wasted H2O—as well as cost you less in the long run compared to competitors’ models.

5. The high spin speeds remove more moisture from your clothes

LG’s high-efficiency washing machines have spin speeds of up to 1,400 rpm, which means it removes more excess water from your clothes after wash cycles are done. This way, you can dry fewer loads at the laundromat or spend less time waiting for each one to dry in the dryer.

6. Large loads fit easily into the tub

With a capacity that ranges up to 2.8 cubic feet, not only do LG washing machines have room for more clothes than competitors’ models, they’re also easy to load because they don’t rely on agitators like many other brands do (which tend to make it harder to fit more oversized items).

7. LG washers use advanced inverter technology

Rather than using a direct-drive motor, most LG washers use an advanced inverter technology—which, compared to the ones used by other brands, lasts up to 20% longer and is much more energy-efficient.

8. You can wash in more ways

LG washers come in both front- and top-loading styles, in manual or fully automatic. With multiple spin speeds (including a high-efficiency cycle for when it’s time to be gentle with your clothes) and various water levels—not to mention the ability to add an extra rinse or use steam—it’s easy to get your clothes clean whichever washing machine you choose.

9. It has child safety locks

A great design choice for parents, LG washer models come with child safety locks that prevent children from accidentally opening the lid while the machine is running. This is especially important for young boys who may not understand how dangerous a whole tub of moving water can be if they try swimming in it.

10. The LG Eco Hybrid heat pump dryer saves energy and money

LG’s Washing machines come with an automatic Dryer that uses the heat created by the washer to help quickly dry your clothes—saving you time and money on utility bills. What’s more, it also has a child safety feature (it locks the door until the cycle is finished) for added peace of mind.

11. The Deep Clean option can be used to clean up spills or remove odors

Spilling red wine all over your favorite dress shirt? Quickly hitting the Deep Clean button will send water deep into your fabrics to lift out stains like wine, coffee, fruit punch, mustard, ketchup, dirt, grime, or grass… you name it.

12. You don’t have to pretreat stains anymore

Using the Deep Fill option, your washing machine can spray stain remover directly onto your clothes during its regular cycle—so there’s no need for pretreating before laundering. We’re sure this comes as a relief to moms everywhere who’ve spent years fighting stubborn stains with the age-old strategy of scrubbing them in before throwing them in the wash.

13. The Touch Control panel makes it easy to program cycles

No need to make a memorable trip to the laundry room just to check and change your settings—the LG Touch Control panel lets you monitor and adjust its cycle options from anywhere in your home. You can also use it as a stopwatch for timed delay start, which is a great way to run errands while clothes are finishing up in the dryer.

14. It has Quick Drive™ technology

LG’s unique Quick Drive™ motor means that each of your washer’s blades turns on or off based on how large the load is. Not only does this help it get your clothes extra clean, but since there isn’t an agitator spinning back and forth inside the tub, clothes never get tangled together, so you can wash more at a time.

15. It has multiple water levels

LG models come with six different water levels, giving you the ability to choose between a gentle soak or a rigorous workout for your clothes every load, depending on what you’re washing and how much space is in your tub. This feature also comes in handy if you need to save water while doing laundry (such as during a drought).

16. It has front-mounted cameras that help detect leaks

LG washer models have sensors that monitor the drum throughout the cycle—and warn you of any detected leaks before they become an expensive mess. Plus, their Door Alarm will sound until someone closes it, so no one gets locked inside while it’s running.

17. It has a TurboWash™ feature

Designed to save you time, LG’s unique TurboWash™ feature lets you specify the number of minutes your wash cycle should run—so it automatically adjusts its water levels and heating times accordingly. You can use it just like any other washing machine program—but if you happen to be in a rush, this is the best way to get out the door faster.

18. It comes with lots of different options for cleaning clothes

LG washers come with over 1,400 different types of programs, including everything from Allergen, Baby Care, Delicates, Jeans/Denim, Sports Wear, and Towels. Plus, multiple Preset Wash options will take care of everything from removing wine stains to refreshing your gym clothes before a workout.

19. It has an automatic detergent and fabric softener dispenser

Your LG Washing machine automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent and fabric softener into its wash cycle, so there’s no need for guesswork (or spills). And this same technology also works with bleach, making it super convenient if you like to use that for spot treatment or tough stains during your laundry routine.

20. It uses smart load balancing sensors to prevent damage caused by unbalanced loads

LG washing machines come with intelligent load-balancing sensors that monitor how much the drum is rotating, letting you know when an unbalanced load might be putting too much stress on the machine. If this happens, the sensors activate a particular spin cycle to get everything back on track before any damage is done.

21. It’s got a Steam Sanitary Cycle for getting rid of allergens and bacteria

For those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, LG washer models offer a unique Steam Sanitary Cycle—which emits intense bursts of steam to kill off mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens in your clothes without soap or detergent. This means you can keep your wardrobe safe when the company comes over, making it especially popular with moms everywhere.

22. It comes with an EcoCycle™ feature that reduces energy consumption

LG washers come with an EcoCycle™ feature that reduces their overall energy consumption, so you can do your part in saving the planet while still getting your clothes just as clean. It works by automatically turning off the machine when it’s not needed (like during a rinse cycle) and then turns everything back on when you restart the device.

23. It has an End of Cycle Signal that lets you know when your laundry is done

This handy feature will let you get ready for work or take care of other errands while you wait for your clothes to get washed—because it automatically alerts you when they’re done. This way, no one gets caught off guard by a locked door, making it even more popular with busy moms.

24. You can control its settings from anywhere with Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you have a smartphone or computer, your LG Washing machine can easily connect to the Internet—which means that it automatically downloads any available updates and then lets you check on the progress of your laundry from anywhere. It’s also got an easy-to-read LED display, letting you know what setting is running at all times.

25. You can run a separate cycle with just water for reducing static cling

This is a great way to make sure clothes stay fresh between washes. Simply turn on the Rinse/Spin Cycle using cold water only, and this will prevent static cling without requiring any additional energy.