If you haven’t started using smart bulbs yet, you miss some fantastic benefits. Here are 25 benefits of using an intelligent bulb:

1) Save Money

Smart bulbs like LED lights are much more economical when compared to traditional light bulbs. If you use them in your bedroom, they can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

2) Reduce Pollution

The use of traditional light bulbs for lighting purposes is one of the contributors to pollution, as evidenced by the fact that many countries like China and America are trying to eliminate them from their current market.

3) Dim Lights To Save Energy

You can dim this kind of light according to your needs and requirements and, therefore, save energy in the process. You need not worry about heat generation because no such heat is generated during the dimming function.

4) Lasts Longer Than Normal Bulbs

Since smart bulbs consist of LEDs, they last much longer than standard light bulbs, and if you compare the two, there will be a significant difference between them in terms of their life spans.

5) Brightness Control

You can control the brightness level of these lights by using remote or smart apps available on your smartphone. So, if you are watching TV late at night, you do not have to keep fidgeting with the light switches to increase and decrease brightness levels.

6) Operating On Timers

The operating time of most smart bulbs is set to 6 hours every day, but this is not compulsory for all bulbs. You can also change the period according to your preferences and requirements. Furthermore, some models offer different features like scheduled on/off times while others give you only one option, i.e., timing on/off times.

7) Memory Function

All intelligent bulbs have the memory function to remember your previous preferences and use them for their future operations. This feature can be beneficial if you move to different locations because there will be no need to set up the lights again.

8) No Wasted Light

Since these kinds of lamps are equipped with sensors, they save energy by turning themselves on or off when not required. So, even though the lights are glowing around, it does not mean that they are wasting electricity because there is no wastage happening in this case.

9) Save Money On Heating Costs

Intelligent bulbs like LED lights produce less heat while operating, which means that you do not have to spend more money on heating costs during winters, especially when compared to traditional light bulbs.

10) Share Your Connectivity Setting

You can share the connectivity settings with family and friends if you want to. For example, suppose you plan on going away for a few days and don’t want to worry about your lights not coming on at night. In that case, you can share your smart bulb’s settings with your neighbors or close ones, and they will be able to turn them on every day during the period when you are away from home.

11) Home Automation Enabled With These Lights

If you have advanced intelligent lighting systems in your home, it is possible to automate all of them using one single app or even two different apps. Every light will have its automation setting so that you can change between different moods at a click of a button.

12) Improve Your Mood With Different Colors

Sick of the same old white lights every day? Why not play around with colors and improve your mood too! All intelligent bulbs offer you different colors for you to play around with and find a soothing or uplifting color.

13) Dim Lights For Night-Time

If you have dimmable lights in your home, it is possible to program them using an intelligent lighting app to turn them off after a certain period. This will help you save more energy during the night when everyone is fast asleep.

14) Less Decay Of Vision And Eye Fatigue

The light produced by the LEDs used in these lamps does not affect our eyes because there is no UV or IR radiation present in this kind of light. So, if you work with bright sunshine all day long, there won’t be any problems in your eye fatigue or vision decay issues.

15) Long Lasting Bulbs

According to their official website, if you have smart bulbs in your home, they will last you for more than 25000 hours, which is about 22 years. So, if you are using standard light bulbs in your home right now, it would be wise to switch to these because of their longer life spans.

16) Less Trouble To Change Bulbs

The good thing about these lamps is that each one has a very long lifespan, so there won’t be any need to change the lights every year. This means less trouble for you and fewer trips to the store.

17) Using Them Using Your Smartphone

There are no specific apps to control these lamps because they work with your smart devices like smartphones and tablets. All you need is an app that can connect to the internet via 3G or 4G LTE networks so that you can use it from anywhere in the world for controlling your lights at home.

18) Natural Lighting During The Day And Bright White At Night

These lights automatically adjust their brightness levels when exposed to sunlight during the day, which means that they not only save electricity but also help you sleep better because of their natural lighting. Furthermore, after sunset, all bulbs offer bright white light instead of yellowish-orange light, which is harmful to our eyes in terms of eye fatigue and other issues.

19) Soft Light For Reading

If you are using these lights to read, it will be easier on your eyes because there won’t be any harsh lighting during the night or day that might harm your eyes.

20) Look Like Real Candles When Used With The Right Bulbs

If you want to go for a flickering effect with your bright lamp, then make sure that it supports flicker technology, making these lamps look like real candles. Furthermore, this feature is only available in some lights, so check before buying one.

21) Get Started With A Starter Kit

Some sellers also offer starter kits that include 2-3 bulbs and a hub inside the package at an affordable price tag. This way, you can get started right away without having to buy separate lamps and set them up by yourself.

22) One App For Controlling The Whole System

If you have different innovative lighting systems scattered around your home, then you might get confused when trying to control all of them separately through their apps. The good thing is that only a few companies sell these kinds of lights, so the chances are high that they will be using the same app for controlling all products in one place.

23) Voice Commands

Some smart bulbs have voice commands which let you operate them just by speaking into your phone, tablet, or laptop. There are some restrictions for this kind of control, but the good thing is that they only cost a few dollars more than standard lamps, so if you want advanced features, then look for these kinds instead.

24) Cool Designs And Sizes Are Available In These Lamps

Another good thing about these lamps is that they come in various shapes and sizes, which means that there will be one perfect for your home’s room type. Also, make sure to check the dimensions available before buying them because some of them are too big or small for specific rooms.

25) Turn On And Off Automatically So You Don’t Need To Operate Them Every Time Manually

If you have motion sensors installed, the lights automatically turn on when somebody enters their range and turn off after a few minutes if no motion is detected. For example, you can install them at front doors so that they turn on as somebody walks up to your door and the lights switch off automatically if nobody is around anymore.