BPL refrigerators are gaining immense popularity in the market for their high-end features and benefits. If you plan to buy a refrigerator, you must know about these advantages to help you make an informed decision. Here are 25 reasons why BPL refrigerators are a great choice:

1) BPL appliances ensure energy and money savings:

BPL refrigerators use less than 50% of the power used by other traditional models. By using advanced technology, BPL can significantly reduce power consumption. It also reduces CO2 emissions, which are harmful to the environment.

2) BPL appliances have a better cooling performance compared to other traditional ones:

BPL refrigerators have a better cooling performance, one of the significant advantages. BPL uses R290 as a coolant, making it an environment-friendly option. The electronic touch panel gives you accurate control over the temperatures and makes it easy to access all the features.

3) BPL appliances give long-lasting cooling:

BPL refrigerators use a highly advanced compressor technology that helps in providing long-lasting cooling. By using less power, they are not only economical but also eco-friendly. It has been observed after the use of 2 years, there is no degradation of its cooling performance and noise level. Compared to other brands, on the average life of BPL, refrigerators are 20% more.

4) BPL appliances are durable:

BPL appliance comes with a warranty of 1 year on the mechanical parts. The compressor has an extended warranty of 3 years or 2000 hrs (whichever happens earlier). So you can rest assured that your refrigerator will serve for many years without any hassle. It also ensures high durability due to less power consumption and low maintenance cost.

5) BPL appliances provide better storage space:

BPL Refrigerators have a built-in freezer at the bottom, making it easy to store food items conveniently, so you save time & energy by not refreezing the food every time you take it out from your regular refrigerator. This makes life easier as you don’t have to bend to get your food items from the bottom.

6) BPL appliances are easy to use:

BPL Refrigerator has been designed keeping in mind the user experience. It features a digital touch panel with an LED display for convenient access and control over all modes & functions displayed on the LCD screen. It also comes with an advanced ice maker, making it extremely easy for you to make ice cubes whenever required. All these features result in a better user experience.

7) 3D Cooling Technology of BPL refrigerators improves cooling performance:

The advanced 3D Cooling technology used by BPL ensures that even when there is no sufficient ventilation, it can cool and give long-lasting cooling without any intervention. This technology ensures that you get better cooling even in summers or when there is insufficient ventilation.

8) BPL appliances are environment friendly:

BPL Refrigerators use R290 as a coolant, an eco-friendly alternative to the harmful gases used by other brands for cooling. Reducing harmful gas emissions protects our environment and makes us safer living in this polluted world.

9) Low noise level:

BPL refrigerators have sensors that register the condensation levels. Based on this data, they automatically start defrosting cycles anytime necessary, resulting in low noise levels during these cycles, which helps improve user convenience. These features make them extremely quiet while thus making your life comfortable even if they are placed in a room.

10) Advanced technology:

BPL refrigerators have been developed using advanced technology with the latest compressor and evaporator, made of advanced sheet metal plates for longer life and high durability. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to buy a durable refrigerator that offers better cooling over the years. It also enables users to save money on electricity bills as these refrigerators consume lower energy than most other brands.

11) Water dispenser:

BPL Refrigerators come equipped with a water dispenser that allows you to make water whenever required without getting up from your chair or bed. Now you can enjoy fresh, crisp & pure drinking water even when lying down on your bed! Let’s look at some of the features that enable this technology.

12) Excellent ice cube production capacity:

BPL refrigerators come with an advanced ice maker capable of producing 10 kgs of ice cubes in 24 hours without any intervention on your part. This means more convenience for you as you don’t have to make ice cubes whenever required. It also adds to the durability & longevity of the refrigerator, thereby reducing electricity consumption by 30%. It uses R290 to produce safe and eco-friendly ice, thus protecting our environment from pollutants emitted by other brands during this process.

13) Gold Fin Technology used in BPL Refrigerators improves cooling performance:

The gold fin technology ensures effective heat exchange between refrigerant & condenser. This technology provides better cooling performance by minimizing the amount of heat retained in the refrigerator resulting in longer-lasting & energy-efficient cooling

14) Cutting Edge Design:

BPL Refrigerators are designed using state-of-the-art CAD tools that help engineers create optimal outer shells for maximum thermal efficiency, improving overall performance while reducing utility bills by 30% compared to most other brands. These features ensure that you get effective & reliable cooling with minimum maintenance costs.

15) BPL Refrigerators have an Anti Freeze Sensor

This sensor automatically activates whenever there’s a possibility of ice blocks formation inside the refrigerator due to insufficient drainage. This feature is exclusively available in only BPL refrigerators and helps prevent your food items from getting frozen. This ensures utmost safety & makes your refrigerator entirely reliable for use. It also helps prevent overflow of water inside the refrigerator due to leakage, thereby avoiding any damage that might occur.

16) Capacity to store more food items:

BPL refrigerators are designed with advanced drawer systems that conveniently store food items in specially designed compartments for different item categories based on their requirement for cooling. This feature is handy when you have a large family and need storage space for more food items in one place. The drawers are easily accessible from both sides without requiring any effort or getting up from your bed or chair!

18)”Zero-degree” freezer system provides better coldness:

The BPL Freezer comes with a “zero-degree” freezer system capable of maintaining constant and uniform indifference with the help of an advanced evaporator that stores ice in its chamber. This reduces the chances of any food item getting frozen and offers maximum storage space for your food items without making it difficult for you to access them when required.

19) Anti-bacterial gasket:

BPL refrigerators are fitted with an anti-bacterial gasket that helps prevent any food contamination or odor from outside. This reduces chances of any bacteria formation inside the refrigerator irrespective of storage time, thereby offering total protection to your food items & ensuring their freshness for a longer duration.

20) Recessed handles :

BPL Refrigerators have recessed handles, making it easy for you to open and close drawers without requiring extra effort. These ergonomically designed features ensure optimum safety while keeping the refrigerator door open during loading/unloading food items.

21) Multiple Temperature Settings:

BPL Refrigerator allows you to select different temperature settings based on the requirement. You can choose the required location for different food items to remain fresh and do not get frozen.

22) Save money on your utility bills:

BPL Refrigerators allow you to save up to 30% of your electricity costs, thereby helping you cut down your monthly utility bills quickly. This feature makes it a highly economical choice compared to other appliances that provide cooling facilities. It also comes with a stop/start mechanism which automatically switches off the refrigerator if it remains unused for a long time, thus preventing any wastage of energy & saving money from your pockets!

23) Performance Graphs:

These graphs show you how much electricity is consumed by BPL refrigerators in regular intervals and the cumulative performance during each month. These features further add to the convenience that BPL refrigerators offer and help you track your refrigerator’s performance quickly.

24) Display of Temperature:

BPL Refrigerators have a digital display system for temperature, which allows you to monitor its condition at all times and keep a check on the internal temperature, thereby offering complete peace of mind while using. It also comes with an in-built warning device against water overflow due to ice formation inside the freezer compartment. This feature ensures maximum safety and prevents damage to your refrigerator.

25) Compartment Identification Labels:    

Buying BPL Refrigerator is beneficial because it offers excellent benefits, such as it has many compartments divisions according to which food items are stored in a refrigerator. These labels indicate the food item stored in each compartment, which reduces the confusion in finding a particular food item required at a given time.