Are you the type of person with a love and hate relationship with Soap? Do you enjoy its sound effects on your skin but don’t like it when they dry out even more after a few days? There is a way to eliminate this problem, and all you have to do is stop using bar soaps. Milder or liquid soaps make up for this lack of moisturizing properties by generally less drying. They clean without stripping the natural oils from your skin as harshly as bar soaps do. In addition, many brands contain ingredients that nourish the skin–such as vitamins A and E — which also help restore their moisture levels after cleansing. Here are 25 benefits of using mild soaps:

1) Effective cleansers:

Mild soaps can remove dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Many contain ingredients like Vitamin E that help to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier after cleansing.

2) Moisturizing properties:

While bar soap contains more natural moisturizers than liquid Soap (see below), many liquid mild soaps still provide ample amounts of these beneficial ingredients for soft, supple skin. Liquid cleansers also tend to contain emollients that not only leave behind a protective layer on the skin — preventing further drying out — but they draw moisture towards the surface of the skin as well. Because their formulations are generally less harsh than those found in bar soaps, they are often used by individuals with sensitive normal to dry skin types.

3) Gentle on sensitive skin:

Mild soaps are often recommended for extremely sensitive normal to dry skin. They are also suitable to be used on young children, infants, and the elderly, as well as people who have allergies or chemical sensitivities, according to the Davines website.

4) Easier on the environment:

According to natural health guru Dr. Andrew Weil, there are environmental benefits associated with using mild soaps over harsher bar soaps — which contain higher levels of surfactants that pollute waterways when they’re washed down the drain. Gentle cleansers cause less harm to aquatic life because they have fewer environmentally harmful chemicals that bind together tightly in water molecules.

5) Affordable:

A wide variety of mild liquid soaps can be found at a more affordable price than bar soap. They also last longer because you use less per washing. Some brands even offer coupons online or in print for larger-size bottles.

6) Better for baby’s skin:

Pediatricians often recommend Mild soaps to be used on a baby’s delicate skin. Although mild bar soaps are also available, Dr. Weil notes that babies can develop rashes when exposed to the residue leftover in hard water after the Soap is washed off of their skin; this does not occur with liquid cleansers because they do not leave behind any soap scum.

7) Mild soaps generally contain fewer preservatives than bar soaps do:

This also means that they may not last as long after opening. Some mild liquid soaps contain essential oils, which act as natural preservatives to help the cleanser retain its beneficial properties until the beginning and can also prolong its shelf life once you start using them.

8) Unscented versions available for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities:

Many brands offer unscented varieties of gentle soaps to minimize the risk of irritation. While some people love the pleasant smells of bars or liquids, others with sensitive skin or allergies may find these fragrant ingredients too irritating.

9) Can be used in different areas of the body:

While bar soaps can be used to wash the entire body, gentle cleansers are typically formulated for specific parts of the body — such as facial cleansers, which have been created specifically for washing your face and body soaps which you only use to cleanse other areas. Some mild bath soaps can even be used in various regions since they contain moisturizers that nourish the skin while cleansing it.

10) Cheap alternatives to expensive department store beauty products:

Many less expensive brands offer mild laundry detergents that leave your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft. In addition, there are many different varieties of household cleaners that provide a safe way to tackle cleaning tasks around your home without using harsh products — from polishes, tub and tile cleaners to dish detergent.

11) Mild soaps are a good alternative for those with dry, irritated hands:

While the use of harsh cleaning products can cause your hands to become dry and itchy, mild liquid cleansers offer gentle relief from this problem. In fact, according to Beauty Brains, “regular use of hand soaps will help repair your skin’s natural protective oils.” For those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis, these cleaners may help restore the proper pH balance necessary for healthy skin.

12) Clear the way for more luxurious beauty products:

Since you’re avoiding harsh chemicals with mild soaps, you can use your favorite beauty products without worrying about potential reactions. Those who follow a natural skincare regimen may find it easier to achieve their desired results when they start by using gentle cleansers and then move on to other types of skincare treatments that address specific needs.

13) Cleansing with mild Soap won’t strip your skin of beneficial oils:

This will help keep your hair shiny and healthy and promote its growth. In addition, since hair is dead cells, washing it too frequently or with bar soaps or body washes explicitly designed for oily or normal hair can dry out the scalp — which can lead to dandruff or other types of scalp irritation.

14) Reduce the need for facial treatments:

Although you may still want to use your favorite products after washing, mild liquid cleansers can remove dirt and grime from your skin and help prevent breakouts. Dermatologists recommend using soft soap bars on naturally oily areas such as the face, hair, and chest. Dr. Weil also notes that “soap is a natural humectant which moisturizes the skin.”

15) Clear up acne by removing dead cells with a gentle cleanser:

Harsh chemicals found in bar soaps can irritate sensitive facial skin and trigger additional breakouts — making it difficult to achieve clear skin. The Beauty Brains point out that “an irritation might cause acne to facial skin, and using a soap which is too harsh can certainly cause irritation.” By contrast, mild liquid cleansers are gentle enough for sensitive skin and contain ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that may help reduce the appearance of acne.

16) Treat dry skin concerns:

When applying moisturizer after washing your face, you may find it easier to use products designed for dry skin. These options include bar soaps and facial cleansers formulated with emollients such as glycerin or lanolin that provide hydration while cleansing. In addition, since these dry-skin formulations typically contain no oils or fragrances, they are less likely to cause irritation or breakouts.

17) Use mild soaps for personal hygiene products:

Skin softeners and fresheners that contain fragrances should be avoided since they may irritate sensitive skin — making it difficult to achieve clear skin. However, many mild body washes offer pleasant scents without adding other oils or fragrant ingredients that can trigger additional breakouts. In addition, these products can also be used on the face if needed to improve your overall cleanliness after working out.

18) Enhance your bathing experience with a mild soap bar:

According to K Beauty News, “the handmade process is meticulous at every step because all their ingredients are natural. The base of handmade soaps is palm oil, coconut oil, or olive oil.” While these ingredients are gentle enough for the face and body, they may make a soap bar with different textures. For example, saponified oils may create an opaque bar, while essential oils can produce a creamy lather suitable for use on the face. Some bars also contain clay or other natural ingredients that can help improve your complexion — while providing you with a spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of your own home.

19) Enjoy aromatherapy benefits without using perfumes:

If you enjoy the scent of lavender but suffer from skin sensitivities, mild liquid cleansers such as this one by Sukin can provide cleansing without the need for perfume. In addition, these gentle formulas can also be used on children to help improve their overall skin health.

20) Use a mild soap bar to relieve symptoms of skin conditions:

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, adults who suffer from skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis may benefit from using a mild soap that contains oatmeal ingredients. These formulas usually offer hypoallergenic properties and often contain glycerin, which holds moisture helping reduce itching and scaling. If your symptoms are more severe, you may prefer a formula made with colloidal oatmeal or other soothing ingredients. In some cases, your dermatologist will prescribe medical soaps to provide relief from more intense symptoms.

21) Balance oily skin by avoiding bar soaps:

If you have an oily complexion, you may prefer a gentle liquid cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin. In addition, many of these formulas contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that can help clear up breakouts caused by clogged pores while making it easier for your moisturizer to absorb into the epidermis. As a result, users with combination or oily skin types often benefit from using mild liquid cleaners regularly — especially after exercising outside when exposed to additional pollutants in the air.

22) Use mild soaps on your hair to improve strength and shine: 

In addition to cleansing your scalp, many gentle cleansers can also be used on your hair. Some formulas may not only leave your strands with a beautiful sheen but can also help reduce tangles and improve strength. When in doubt, you may want to consult a stylist for recommendations on the best gentle Soap or shampoo that can provide multiple benefits without causing damage or triggering additional breakouts.

23) Use a mild soap bar when traveling abroad:  

If you are planning a trip to an island nation such as Fiji, chances are you will need more than SPF 50 sunscreen and bug spray to protect yourself from extreme heat and wildlife. In this case, you will probably want to pack along some laundry detergent so that you can use mild bar soap to wash clothes without leaving behind toxins that could harm the local environment.

24) Reduce the need for lotion when using mild Soap: 

While some experts believe bar soap should be avoided for daily bathing because it can strip away too much of your skin’s natural moisture, there are several benefits to using these formulas. In fact, not only will a mild soap leave you feeling clean, but many recipes may also help reduce the need for excessive lotion after cleansing, so you don’t have to worry about covering up your body in an oil-based solution before going outside. According to Byrdie, “most traditional bars will remove excess oil from the skin and help prevent breakouts.”

25) Use a mild soap with aloe to correct common acne issues:

Suppose you suffer from breakouts caused by oil buildup, dead skin cells, or clogged pores. In that case, you may want to choose a formula that contains salicylic acid — an ingredient found in many pharmaceutical products that can help heal acne while preventing future outbreaks. This compound can reduce pore size and speed up healing without causing irritation or dryness by penetrating the top layer of your epidermis. In addition, many bar soaps made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel will leave your complexion feeling clean without stripping away too much moisture.