Shareware and Freeware Programs for MSDOS

ASM Edit v1.82 860,151 bytes:

ASM Edit seamlessly integrates your favourite assembling tools like Assembler, Linker and Debugger into one single workplace shell. While you edit your file, the syntax coloring makes the source code much more easier to understand, and the on-line help keeps you away from remembering dozens of parameters, opcodes and numbers. Then you just press ALT+F9 and ASM Edit calls your assembler to make an object file.

The result window displays all errors and lets you browse to them with a single click. If your source code is free of syntax errors, just link and run your program. Then use your Debugger to find the remaining bugs.

But ASM Edit’s most astonishing feature is the big on-line help. With its over 1300 topics it contains for every known 80×86 instruction (from 8088 up to 80686, including FPU and MMX) one help entry with mnemonic, opcode(s), timings, faults, possible operands and more.

Help for an ASM instruction is just two keys away!

Here is a list with all systems ASM Edit has been tested on:

OS/2 Warp v3.0

DOS 5.0

DOS 6.22

DOS 7.0 (Windows 95)

Windows NT

An AIX RISC DOS emulator

You need at least: DOS v3.0

ARJ v2.75 475,834 bytes:

ARJ v2.75 – the OFFICIAL FULL release of the file archiver ARJ, which has hundreds of options. This version features Win9x long filename support in ARJ and REARJ, support for archiving up to 65,000 files at one time, multiple volume update support, file version management, and data damage protection options. Includes some minor bug fixes.

Aurora v3.0 659,892 bytes:

AURORA v3.0 – One of the finest text editors available. Blazing speed, superb interface, Huge capacity to 1 Gigabyte, 16k line length. Syntax highlighting for over 20 languages. Easy-to-use colorized Macro language with more than 15000 lines of macros, integrated File manager, Directory tree, Live wordwrap, Undo-redo, Hex mode, Win95 long names, Folds, Multi-file search/replace, real tabs, popular Emulation styles, extremely Configurable!

Hackers View v6.11 50,542 bytes:

Hacker’s View v6.11


  • view files any length in text, hex, code modes
  • Pentium-Pro(R) dissasembler & assembler
  • support newexecutable format file NE,LE,LX,PE
  • support Netware Loadable Modules NLM,DSK,LAN,…
  • one-touch-jump for direct call/jmp instructions in any executable file
  • build-in small decrypt/crypt system
  • build-in powerfull calculator
  • any length block operations: read, write, fill
  • multifile search/replace
  • dual executable file OS/2 & DOS
  • include utilities for detail dump NE-, LX/LE- modules
  • include dos-utility for split/join dual executable files (MZ,NE,LX,LE,PE)

LHA v2.13 44,416 bytes:

This is a revised version of LH113c.EXE, an archiver which was rather slow in execution but tight in compression rate. I am grateful for the support of LH113c’s users both in Japan where the .LZH file is a standard archived file name and in other countries where .LZH has become well-known and used often. I have been working on this new version for two years since the last release of LH113c.EXE. I am now glad to announce the release of LHA. I am constantly upgrading upon user’s report on bugs and on new requests.

MAH JONG -V-G-A-  77,136 bytes:

Mah Jongg -V-G-A- is a high-tech simulation of the ancient Chinese game of Mah Jongg. Some historians date Mah Jongg back to the time of Confucius — over 25 centuries ago! It’s believed that sailors and fishermen played Mah Jongg as a diversion from the monotony of their long voyages. The game was originally played with cards, but eventually bone and bamboo tiles were substituted since these were less likely to be blown off the deck. Mah Jongg -V-G-A- recreates the beauty and addictive pleasure of Mah Jongg, but uses modern data processing techniques and high-resolution graphics instead of bamboo tiles. In an attempt to make this game as elegant and as enjoyable as possible, the author has used some of the most advanced features of today’s state-of-the-art MS-DOS computers. Not all PC computers are able to run Mah Jongg -V-G-A-. But if yours can, prepare yourself for the meeting of the past and future!!!

NE v3.00b  367,919 bytes:

NE v3.00B FREEWARE text editor with ALL the features. From GDSOFT. (stands for NO EDLIN EVER !!) Very good and small Editor with WORDWRAP and SPELL CHECKING !! A TOTAL replacement for EDLIN and DOS EDIT (UGH !!). Can edit MULTIPLE files, has block commands, justify, search, replace and ALL of the features that you expect in a decent editor. It is VERY FAST and small and FREE !! Works GREAT on laptops too !! (c) 1993,1995 GDSOFT

PKZIP For DOS v2.04g 202,574 bytes:

The oldest version I’ve ever used; where I began.

PKZIP For DOS v2.50 207,394 bytes:

This SHAREWARE version of PKZIP 2.50 for DOS is intended for use on DOS 2.0 or later running on an x86/Pentium processor.

While PKZIP 2.50 for DOS is generally compatible with the Windows NT operating system, some functionality (e.g. Long File Names; NTFS file system) is NOT currently supported. Additionally, PKUNZJR and PKSFXJR do NOT presently provide support for Long File Names under the Windows 9x and Windows NT operating systems.

Raptor v1.2: 2,025,153 bytes:

RAPTOR v1.2 from APOGEE! (VGA) – 5 Parts zipped; place each on a floppy to install — 386 (or higher) w/2 Megs REQUIRED! — Kill for cash! In the future as a mercenary flying the super-tech Raptor, you’ll be sent on interplanetary missions to knock off top competitors of MegaCorp. Upgrade w/ 14 hard core weapons. Jaw-dropping VGA animation & cinematics. Supports all major sound cards, including GUS, PAS16, & AWE32! Developed by Cygnus Studios. Supports mouse & joystick. Absolutely stunning VGA graphics & sounds!

Raptor v1.2: 267,248 bytes:

The RAR archiver v2.00 (release) for DOS Integrated archive manager

  • full screen interface / command-line driven
  • NEW compression algorithm, new modes:

‘multimedia’ and ‘large dictionary’

  • recovery record option, FILE SORTING LIST
  • alternate Installation SFX, OS/2 SFX
  • management of non-RAR archives
  • RCVT aRchive ConVersion Tool
  • FREE unRAR utility
  • ANSI color comments, volume labels and more..

Secure File System v1.17 374,968 bytes:

SFS is intended to solve the problem of protecting bulk data stored on disk. The protection of electronic messages is best solved by software packages such as PGP (available on sites the world over) or various implementations of PEM (currently available mainly in the US, although non-US versions are beginning to appear). Create encrypted disks to store your valuable data on.

StarGunner 5,341,035 bytes:

STARGUNNER from Apogee! v1.0 Amazing shooter blows away Raptor! Never has the PC seen a more graphically explosive shooter. Fully rendered & animated enemies, with non-stop variety, plus complex bosses. Each mission, equip your ship with new engines, weapons & special power-ups. Triple-parallax scrolling, radical music, secrets, hot effects–Stargunner has it all!The new benchmark game for shooters! Get it!

For screen shots visit

Wipe v2.01 38,535 bytes:

Wipes (overwrites) one or more files, or entire subdirectories if requested.

Normal “del” command of DOS does not actually remove files from the disk. They are simply marked as “removed” and their disk space can be used again by some other files. However, until the file is finally written over by some other data, the old data remains on the disk and it can be restored, in the simplest case by using “undelete” command and in some more complicated cases by using some disk editor programs. Usually this does not cause any problems. However, if one wants to remove a file that contains sensi- tive or secret information, one has to take care that information will really be erased from the disk. This is what WIPE does: overwrites files so that they cannot be restored.