There is a lot of debate over the best type of cooktop.  Gas or electric?  Ceramic or induction?  In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.  But if you’re looking for an induction cooktop, here are 25 tips to help you choose the best one for your needs.

1) Right Voltage

Do not forget to check the correct voltage (V) before buying an induction cooktop.  The compatible voltage is generally 110 volts or 240 volts for most models.  You need to ensure your local power supply is in line with the induction cooker’s voltage requirement.

2) Power Capacity

Power capacity is also an essential factor to consider when choosing the best induction cooktop for your kitchen.  A high wattage will quickly perform all of your cooking tasks, but it will take more time to reach the desired temperature due to the low power conversion efficiency.

3) User-Friendly Controls

User-friendly controls may make your cooking more accessible and more enjoyable.  You should choose an induction cooker with a backlit LED display to facilitate the operation at night.  You need to set the power level quickly based on what you are currently cooking.

4) Size of Induction Cooker

Induction cookers come in many sizes, so finding one that fits into your kitchen will not be a problem if you have enough information about it.  You need to compare the size of available models before buying an induction cooktop by referring to the user manual or contacting customer service for more details.

5) Surface Material

The surface material is the next thing you need to pay attention to when buying an induction cooktop.  You can choose an induction cooker with toughened glass or ceramic stovetop to enjoy an easy cleaning process.

6) Your Cooking Frequency

If you are a daily chef, you should buy a powerful induction cooker that suits your need.  On the other hand, if you often invite friends over but seldom cook by yourself, then choosing a low-cost model would be pretty suitable for you.

7) Auto Shut Off Function

Auto shut off function allows an induction heater to turn itself off automatically if there is no pot on its surface for 3 minutes.  It can be an excellent function for you to avoid unnecessary accidents.

8) Price

Yes, the price is still an essential factor that cannot be ignored when buying a new induction cooker.  It would help if you compared different models with various features and functions according to your needs and budget.

9) Power Indicator

If the power indicator of an induction stovetop is not visible at night or in a dark environment, it will make things more difficult for you during the cooking process.  A power indicator on the control panel is recommended to make your cooking more accessible and safer.

10) Be Cautious about Fire Risk

It’s better for you to find out if there is any fire risk before buying an induction cooker.  You need to check whether there is any possibility of getting burned on the stovetop surface when cooking or not, especially for glass-ceramic cooktops.

11) Appearance of Induction Cooker

Although the appearance is not directly related to your cooking performance, it’s still something that many consumers care about.  If you like a specific model with modern design and style, then buying it would be a blissful idea for you.

12) Durability & Warranty

The induction cooker is relatively expensive than others; therefore, you should first consider its durability before buying one.  Besides, always keep in mind that excellent customer service will make your warranty valid all the time.

13) Ease of Use

A user-friendly induction cooker would make your cooking experience more convenient.  It is suggested that you check the user manual before using an induction cooktop.

14) Safety Feature

Safety features like child lock and overheats protection are necessary for better cooking results.  If you get them, they will be perfect for preventing accidents caused by carelessness.

15) Versatility

It’s always an excellent idea for you to choose an induction cooker with versatile features.  For example, if there is a pan detection function, users can simply place any pot on the stovetop and start cooking right away.  The same case also applies to the safety lock feature.

16) Noise Level

Noise level is another critical factor that many people forget about when buying an induction cooker.  If possible, you need to find out how noisy it is before purchasing one for your kitchen.

17) You Can Rely on Company Reputation

Take time to get yourself familiarized with the company’s reputation behind an induction cooker before making a purchase decision.  It will be acceptable to trust reputable brands because their products are usually more reliable.

18) Induction Cooker Operating Method

The induction cooker has a different operating method from others, so you also have to consider this factor before buying it.  Moreover, if your cooking habits are somewhat different from other people’s, reading the user manual is a wise choice for you.

19) Temperature Adjustment

A broad range of temperature adjustments in an induction cooker would be an excellent feature for cooking various dishes.  The greater the temperature, the better it is for your cooking.

20) Size & Weight

Of course, when choosing an induction cooker, you have to take its size and weight into consideration before making a purchase.  If possible, choose a compact size but excellent performance instead of big models with limited features.

21) Ease of Cleaning

An easy-to-clean induction cooker means a more convenient cooking process.  It’s suggested for you to read carefully about how to clean an induction stovetop during purchase decision because no one wants to deal with complicated cleaning process at home.

22) Fuel Availability

It’s a valuable feature for you to buy an induction cooker that operates with the same fuel as your previous stovetop does.  Therefore, this machine will be easy to use and replace for you.

23) Easy to Find Parts & Accessories

If an induction cooker is complicated for you to find some parts and accessories, it’s better not to buy that one.  Of course, it will be a problem for you if the replacement parts cannot be replaced easily if they get broken.

24) Accommodates Different Sized Pots & Pans

The size of a cooking surface is also something that many people ignore when buying an induction cooker.  As a result, buying one with a smaller cooking surface than your pot size would be trouble for you in the future.