There are a lot of wet grinders in the market these days. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 25 tips to help you select the best-wet grinder for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a large or small model, tilting or non-tilting, we have something for everyone! Please keep reading for our top tips on how to choose the best-wet grinder for you.

1) Capacity: The capacity of a wet grinder is the most crucial factor which decides its worth. The power of a 1-liter Indian wet grinder will be sufficient for residential purposes, and 2 liters might not serve much better than that.

2) Wet Grinding: Wet grinding can be done in either stone or plastic containers. Stone containers are preferable, but plastic containers are lightweight and less fragile, whereas stones might be breakable and heavy.

3) Conical stones: Although these stones are more expensive, they last much longer because the stone will not break easily. The pan of this grinder can be detached to clean easily.

4) Overheating Protection: This is desirable because it cuts down on repair costs if the machine overheats during use. A good grinder should have overload protection to prevent overheating.

5) Warranty: Most brands provide a 1-year warranty for motor and two years for stone containers. If both are given, that is even better since it provides better peace of mind.

6) Price: Wet grinders come in various price ranges, so the final price point depends upon your budget. You can get a good hero in under ₹2000, but you can also shell out a reasonable amount for a premium product.

7) Brand: Most well-known brands are Ultra, Preethi, Prestige, and Sowbhagya. Brands like Panasonic offer wet grinders with top-notch features but at much higher prices than the rest. Brands like Maharaja Whiteline provide decent products with more extensive service networks across India.

8) Rating: If you want to invest your money in the best product, which is durable and provides value for money, check the leading sites where customers rate these products so that prospective buyers can know about the pros and cons before buying it.

9) Online presence: Online presence makes shopping easy by providing relevant details like price, reviews, and warranty. There are also opportunities to display the products with images and other necessary information, which helps customers Makemake informed decisions.

10) Feedback: You can ask your friends or local vendors for suggestions. It is always better to buy a grinder that suits your purpose rather than getting something at a lower cost but does not meet your needs.

11) Locally available: Check if these grinders are locally available near you because sometimes it becomes frustrating when you do not get good service after buying an expensive product. Buying online means spending more money without any ease of access.

12) Accessories provided: Most modern wet grinders offer an excellent range of accessories like a kuzhambu mixer, oil container, etc., which comes in handy for cooking purposes.

13) Easy to use: Make sure it is easy to assemble and clean after usage with a proper instruction manual, demo video, etc., so that it does not cause any further inconvenience to you.

14) Cost-effective: Most wet grinders are available at prices under Rs 2000 in India, so go for one that has all good features but does not hurt your pocket.

15) Power source: Almost all wet grinders run on electric power with 220-volt input voltage. In some places, incredibly remote areas, these machines work on diesel generators or batteries.

16) Noise: Most wet grinders run at noise levels exceeding 75 decibels (dB), which may cause inconvenience if they are used in residential areas or near bedrooms.

17) Durable: Tabletop grinder should be durable enough and last longer. Since you invest money in buying these machines, make sure you get your value from the product.

18) Number of jars: Today, many models provide two pots, one for wet grinding and the other for dry grinding. Costlier models even give you three jars, including a giant jar for making an ultra-fine paste.

19) Maintenance: Ensure the blades are made of stainless steel material; if not, ensure that rust does not develop from water used in wet grinding. The knives should be made of durable metal.

20) Power consumption: Check power consumption before buying a wet grinder as this is a major deciding factor, especially if it is going to be run on generator set electricity.

21) Usage: It should be easy to use and understand different machine parts, so make sure it has proper instructions manual with detailed illustrations and diagrams, which make usage a breeze.

22) Handles: They should be comfortable and adequately fabricated, made of non-slippery material. It should be easy to reach out for grinding jars by all family members.

23) Designs: Aesthetically designed wet grinders look good in the kitchen, add to the décor of your house, and provide easy access to the jars after use.

24) Grinding speed: Ensure faster-grinding speed to save time, especially if you are cooking for a big group of people, also prevents overheating of the motor. A wet grinder with higher wattage motor generally has a faster-grinding speed.

25) Availability of spare parts: Make sure you quickly get spare parts from the manufacturer, especially online shopping. The site must provide details of service centers or agents where you can get your grinder repaired.