There are many benefits of using an OTG oven. Some of the top benefits include easy cleanup, no preheating, and versatile cooking options. Additionally, OTG ovens are affordable and can be used to cook various foods. Whether a beginner cook or an experienced chef, an OTG oven is an excellent addition to your kitchen. Check out the 25 benefits of using OTG ovens below!

1) Use it as Grill / Oven

Conventional ovens cook food by heating the air around it, so they use much energy. OTG oven cooks food directly using microwaves, making it more efficient than conventional ovens. Since it can grill and bake your food simultaneously, you will not have to go through multiple steps to accomplish the task.

2) No Open Flames

While conventional ovens cook food using an open flame, OTG can only cook food by radiating heat waves inside it. This makes it safe to use around kids and pets without having to worry about them getting burned by an open flame.

3) Time Saving Technology

Since you can simultaneously grill and bake your food simultaneously with OTG, you will not have to wait for one process to finish before starting another. It takes half the time required by a conventional oven because of this reason. Hence making cooking faster and saving energy as well.

4) Cook Anywhere  

Since you no longer require a stove or induction hob to use an OTG oven, you can take it anywhere. Be it a picnic, camping, or beach, you can use the otg oven to grill and bake your food anywhere.

5) Grill Using Only One Tray

Unlike conventional stoves where you have to place the food on a separate tray for grilling, OTG uses the same tray for baking and grilling purposes. This saves a lot of time required in transferring the food from one tray to another. Plus, this gives perfect grill marks, which will improve the look of your dish immensely.

6) Simultaneous Cooking Of Multiple Dish

Since OTGs cook with microwaves rather than flames, they do not need any preheating time before cooking begins. So you can simultaneously make multiple dishes without waiting too long for one to get ready.

7) Use It As Alloy Cooker

OTG oven is handy when you want quick water boiling and cooking vegetables, pulses, etc. Place the food in a microwavable bowl with enough water, and it will get cooked fast.  

8) Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Since OTGs cook directly using microwaves, they do not produce any flame or smoke like conventional ovens, making them easier to clean. They have a nonstick coating on inside surfaces, making cleaning simple even if the residues are stuck hard. Just add some water to an empty tray and microwave it for a few minutes, then wipe it with a cloth for a shine that is shining bright!     

9) Cook Healthy Food

Since OTGs cook perfectly without drying up the food, it results in healthy and crisp food compared to conventional ovens that can make your dish oily. Since there is no need for draining out oil from the food before cooking, cooking becomes a lot healthier.

10) Use It As A Warmer

OTG oven works well as a warmer to keep your dishes hot until you can serve them at dinner or luncheon. You can place any reheated container inside the OTG even directly after microwaving it, and it will continue to stay warm till you want it to be served. This makes serving multiple dishes much easier because you do not have to put each word on separate plates to keep it warm.

11) Use It As A Panini Press

If you want your grill marks on the bread, then use OTG as a panini press. You can place your cut pieces of bread on one side and put some cheese or any other filling like vegetables, chicken, etc., on another side and gently close it. Please put this in the otg oven with a tray below it to catch all the juices that come out while cooking for perfect grilled sandwiches every time!     

12) Save Time While Cleaning The Food Tray

While conventional ovens cook food using an open flame, OTGs cook with microwaves, so there is no need to clean up the messy tray after cooking since there is no spilling or splashing of oil and water. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth, and the OTG will clean itself within minutes, making it easier for you to use as well.

13) Use It As A Dehydrator

To make dried fruits like banana chips or any fruit leather at home, place parchment paper in the tray below the OTG oven and keep placing sliced fruits on them one by one. Keep doing this until they form a single layer in your baking tray and set the temperature to a minimum. Leave them in there for a few hours till they get dehydrated, and yummy banana chips or any other kind of fruit leathers are ready!     

14) Make Crispy Onion Rings

Onion rings are a delicacy in most parts of the world. To make them crispy, place them directly in the tray below the otg oven and cook for a few minutes on high power to get perfectly fried crispy onion rings without making your kitchen smoky! This also keeps your kitchen clean since there is no need to drain oil again after frying.

15) Make Perfectly Cooked Vegetables

Place vegetables in a microwavable dish with some water and close it with the lid. Place this in the otg oven on high heat for 5-7 minutes, depending upon how crunchy you want your veggies to be. For crispier veggies, increase cooking time, while for softer veggies, decrease it to 4 minutes only.  This saves time and the extra vegetables you would have discarded if they were not cooked well due to excess water present in them.

16) Make Crispy Bacon In Oven

Place pieces of bacon on a folded aluminum foil along with some cubes of butter and set temperature as 400 degrees for 20 minutes or till it becomes crispy, just like at your favorite restaurants. You can also add some brown sugar after 10 minutes to get deliciously sweet and spicy bacon that is simply irresistible! This recipe makes you enjoy delicious crispy bacon without making your kitchen dirty and smoke-filled with all those oils.

17) Use It To Reheat Your Food

Since OTGs heat food very quickly, you can use them as an alternative to microwave ovens to reheat your foods that were partially cooked in the former. For example, if you had boiled spaghetti for 10 minutes and then switched it off but forgot to throw in some pasta sauce, all you have to do is reheat it in OTG for a few minutes, adding some water and pasta sauce to get perfectly cooked spaghetti again!  This saves time and food wastage since there will be no more half-cooked or half-eaten food lying around!

18) Bake With Oven

You can also use OTGs as an oven to make casseroles, cakes, or even cookies at home without creating much mess and fuss like conventional ovens would! So enjoy baking without any restrictions and following all kinds of recipes for perfect results every time.  All this while, you can also clean up the tray below where all the water and oil drops fall to render your kitchen super clean after baking.

19) Use It As A Steamer

You can use otg ovens to make perfectly steamed vegetables, fish, or other food without worrying about how it will turn out. Place vegetables or fish in a microwavable dish and some spices and water to steam them. Keep it closed until your desired doneness of food is achieved, and that’s all! All you have to do next is enjoy perfectly steamed veggies or fish without worrying about how they turned out.

20) Make Tender Meats On OTG

Whether it be chicken, mutton, or any other kind of meat for curry, OTGs help cooks meats faster than conventional ovens while keeping the moisture inside, which renders perfectly tender and juicy meat every single time. Just place it on high heat for a few minutes, and then add oil or any sauce to get deliciously perfect flavored meats with no effort at all!

21) Use It To Pack Food

You can use OTGs to pack your food items inside it for school, office, or travel without any worries. This saves time and money on buying packed food from outside while also helping you stay healthy by controlling what you eat.  So pack your favorite foods like sandwiches, tiffins, or even fruits with you for lunch or dinner without worrying about maintaining the temperature of your packed food items.

22) Use It To Reheat Leftover Foods

If you have been a careless cook and could not finish cooking food items on time, don’t worry as OTGs come to your rescue. Place the leftover foods inside it with some water and heat them for a few minutes so that they turn out perfectly cooked again! This saves time and money by avoiding the wastage of partially cooked food. OTGs allow you to reheat your food without making it soiled since hot steam comes directly into contact with the bottom tray, which is super easy to clean, especially if done right after use.

23) Make Pizza At Home

If you are an ardent lover of pizzas, OTGs can help you make pizzas right at home without having to set up your conventional ovens. All you have to do is place the uncooked pizza on parchment paper or aluminum foil so that it doesn’t stick on the tray, and then heat it inside OTG for a few minutes till desired crispiness is achieved! This ensures perfectly baked delicious pizzas at home without having to spend hefty amounts on ordering them from outside.

24) Make Stuffed Bread

If you love stuffed bread-like momos or samosas, OTGs can come to your rescue once again by baking these mouth-watering goodies faster than any conventional oven since steam helps bake the bread quickly.

25) And The List Goes On And On

OTGs are multipurpose machines that can cook, bake or do other kinds of things at home without spending on several devices. All you need to do is master the art of perfect cooking on it and enjoy all types of cuisines with faster results and better taste.