The food processor is an appliance that most people have in their kitchen but might not use to its full potential. This machine can do so much more than just chopping vegetables! Here are 25 benefits of the food processor that will make you want to dust it off and put it to use.

1) Do not spend a lot of labor in the kitchen

The food processor reduces a lot of work that humans do. It makes our tasks more manageable. The time required to do specific work will decrease, and thus you can take more time for other activities.

2) Food Processor saves money

Since the food processor helps you do your work faster, it saves time. You will likely be able to use the saved time for earning extra money. If you are looking to become more active in sharing health, fitness, or cooking recipes with others, then this might be a good way of starting your own business.

3) Food Processor reduces weight gain

The food processor can easily replace several kitchen appliances. These appliances usually have an excess capacity, which is wasted when not in use. For example, if you do not have a mixer/grinder, you would need that LPG cylinder fitted into your kitchen, which adds extra weight when not in use. Introducing the food processor means that there is one less appliance in the house, reducing weight when not in use. Thus food processor helps you reduce weight.

4) Multi-functionality

Food Processor has multi-functionality. Depending on its quality and design, it can be used as a grinder, mixer, slicer and dicer (adding on to your existing appliances), chopper, steamer, and many more things.   Usually, high-quality food processors have a wide range of benefits.

5) Food Processor boosts self-confidence

Since you are mastering a new appliance in your kitchen, it increases your confidence and thus boosts your morale for other activities. Once the basic functionality is known, there are fewer chances of making mistakes while using the product. This can be important when learning to use this machine for commercial purposes.

6) Food Processor saves time

Food Processor helps reduce your daily tasks pretty much like how dishwasher does. The first few weeks might take longer to complete the same number of functions since it is still not mastered, but with all other things remaining constant, it will start showing its actual value within 23 months, which is pretty good, I would say.

7) Food Processor is easy to clean

Since the food processor does not have significant parts/components that are difficult to reach, it becomes easy to clean. Most of them can be cleaned without using any dishwasher, depending on the model and design. The outer shell might require a little extra effort, but it sure beats washing those big bulky mixers and grinders that we use every day in our kitchens.

8) Food Processor does not spoil the flavor of food

Most people serving food in restaurants complain that the dish prepared for you at home tastes way better than what is done there. This difference occurs because core flavors are lost during the process. The only blunder that can happen with a good quality Food Processor is that it may chop/grind flavors that might change the final dish’s taste without your knowledge, so always use fresh ingredients and follow recipes to get the best out of them your machine.

9) Food Processor prolongs the life of kitchen appliances

Food Processor does not let the other kitchen appliances spoil quickly if it is kept clean and maintained regularly. Dishwashers, mixers, blenders, etc., will last longer if used less often due to neglecting them after using the food processor. Spare parts might be required less frequently, thus saving money on an individual level but spending more than 100$ for a cleaner/grinder is not worth spending at all!

10) Food Processor does not take much space

Since most parts of this appliance can be stored vertically, you do not need much space for keeping it in your home, unlike other popular kitchen appliances. A Food Processor usually takes up the same space as an average mixer grinder or blender, thus making your kitchen more compact and easy to use.

11) Food Processor saves money

Food Processor does not take much electricity for operation- meaning you are saving on both ends. This can be further optimized by using energy-efficient models available in the market today. Also, suppose a food processor is adequately stored after usage. In that case, there are fewer chances of it getting spoiled before its lifetime, thus reducing your maintenance cost drastically for a very long time!

12) Food Processor helps reduce waistline

Since this appliance replaces several others like mixer/grinders/blenders, it prevents you from eating out that much, which is good for your waistline.

13) Food Processor helps speed up metabolism

Since you are always busy in the kitchen preparing food, it reduces the time of boredom and gives more time for exercising, thus helping to lose weight. Also, since you stay active all day in the kitchen, your body’s metabolism speeds up and does not allow fat deposition to take place. This can be a great benefit if practiced regularly.

14) Food Processor improves fitness level

Since the work done often depends on how efficient its usage is, it automatically keeps your mind alert and body healthy throughout the day after regular use. This way, it improves your mental health and keeps you away from diseases. You can look at Food Processor as a way of life if you think about it!

15) Food Processor is good for your mind

Taking time to cook things, chopping vegetables next to the machine gives you time to meditate and think in peace. Since one has complete control over the speed of this appliance, thus makes everything perfect when considering digestion, etc. This intermittent meditation also helps keep away diseases like depression, stress, etc. All thanks to a healthy diet which is again due to this machine.

16) Food Processor improves muscle strength

Chopping hard vegetables incorporating all your body muscles into action- there’s no better way than that unless you go the gym or do exercise regularly with a food processor in hand! It tones your muscles giving cramps to your biceps and triceps.

17) Food Processor boosts creativity

You get to know about many new recipes because this appliance often requires you to use it in different ways. You will find yourself doing all sorts of experiments with the combination of food items, taste, textures, etc. Overall it improves your wit, which can be pretty helpful for people trying to crack interview questions!

18) Food Processor keeps boredom at bay

Mixing/grinding vegetables or fruits is tiresome work, but what if you just put all the ingredients into a pot and let the machine do its job? A time saver indeed- reduces boredom levels equal to watching TV or reading newspaper regularly thus improving mental activity and keeping you healthy allowing better sleep patterns after a long day at work.

19) Food Processor helps in the faster digestion process

Food is generally cut into thin pieces; all chewed up properly when you select the right speed. This way, it pushes food through our intestine system faster, allowing better absorption of nutrients, thus keeping away diseases like constipation, heart problems, etc.,

20) Anyone can operate a food Processor!

This is an essential point since women are most likely to handle this appliance. Anyone who knows how to use a mixer grinder can learn the operation of this device quickly- no need for special training or its user manual! It just needs some simple tips and tricks that you will get on your own after using it regularly.

21) Food Processor helps in faster cooking

This machine effortlessly grinds vegetables, chops them into fine pieces, or makes dough. Thus it saves time collecting vegetables from the market and then either cutting them manually or using a mixer grinder for the same purpose.

22) Food Processor is more hygienic than manual work!

Since you always have to touch vegetables/fruits while using a knife and chopping board, there’s an increased chance of germs on your hand. If you do not wash your hands properly before eating anything, the chances of getting the summer flu increases which further leads to stomach problems like diarrhea, etc.; using a food processor reduces such risks involved in manual work since you just put all ingredients in a pot or a bowl, switch it on and wait for the result to come out.

23) Food Processor is safer than a knife!

While using a knife, there’s always a chance of getting injured. You can cut yourself while chopping vegetables or fruits. In most cases, people have injuries from knives which even lead to fatalities in some rare cases if not handled properly- thus making it more dangerous than this machine at home.

24)  Food Processor comes with multiple blades for various functions!

It has more than one blade that quickly changes its positions to chop, grind or blend vegetables/fruits. You will see 2 or 3 blades mostly assembled at the bottom of this machine which is easily changeable according to the requirement.

25) Food Processor is easy on pocket & lasts long!  

It’s much cheaper than a mixer grinder and other such appliances making it affordable for different income groups as well as middle-class families. Most modern food processors can last up to 10 years and more if used properly. Too bulky ones do not occupy much space like a table or counter top- meaning they can stay in your kitchen cabinets forever without any inconvenience handled carefully after each use.