Are you in the market for a new microwave oven? If so, you may be wondering if a Croma microwave oven is the right choice for you. This blog post will share 25 benefits of owning a Croma microwave oven. Keep reading to learn more!

1) Saves time:

Croma is a fast and convenient way to cook. Now you can prepare your food faster than ever before with microwaves that help you cook in a fraction of the time.

2) Saves power:

Microwave ovens are very energy efficient and use minimal electricity to function. When turned off, these appliances also draw less power since they do not have heating elements that remain hot, thus saving even more energy. With an induction stovetop, only the vessel gets heated up, saving electricity further.

3) Easy to clean:

The Croma Microwave can be kept spic and span with its stainless steel finish. Food hardly sticks on the surface, making cleaning easy without much effort. The Croma Double Door Microwave Oven does need some scrubbing for sure, but thanks to the plus point of having double doors, never again will you suffer when it comes to cleaning up after cooking.

4) Easy installation:

The Croma range of Microwaves is easy to install and use, making it hassle-free for the user! The Croma Induction Stove is also straightforward to use and comes with built-in indicators that show you when induction is on or off. It’s straightforward to clean as well.

5) Ease of opening door:

Croma ovens have a sturdy design making it easier to open the door. Croma has double doors where one side opens first while the other stays shut until required, thus reducing any pressure on your hands too! The Croma Induction Stove has an auto-lock feature that locks the stovetop during induction, so there is no fear of the stovetop opening up when in use.

6) Cookware friendly:

Croma has made elegant induction stoves that are safe to place your cookware on them while cooking. Croma ovens have excellent touch exteriors making it easier for you to handle the appliance while cooking, especially if you have children or elders around who might get hurt should they come in contact with a boiling surface.

7) Convenient features:

The Croma Microwave Oven comes with several convenient features like Popcorn Button, Add 30 seconds button, Timer, etc. The Croma Induction Stove Top comes with an Auto Heat Sensing feature that prevents overheating, ensuring safety while cooking.

8) Heats food evenly:

Croma Microwave Oven has a turntable that ensures that the food is heated from all sides, thus preventing any cold spots in your food and providing an even heat distribution for all your dishes. The Croma Induction Stove Top heats up very quickly and cooks food evenly as well, thanks to its fantastic heating technology!

9) Healthy cooking:

Microwaves use short electromagnetic waves that cause friction between molecules inside the food being cooked, causing a rapid rise in temperature within a short period, thus reducing cooking time. As a result, nutrients present in the ingredients used also get preserved while microwaving the dish, making it healthier for you too! Croma induction stoves use induction technology that heats the cookware and not the stovetop, keeping all nutrients in your food and making it tastier.

10) Less washing:

Croma Microwave Oven has a removable glass turntable with a safe dishwasher rack which helps with easy cleaning after cooking. The Croma Induction Stove Top also ensures you do not have to wash excessively since it can be easily cleaned by wiping off with a damp cloth and mild detergent without any fear of scratches.

11) Keep warm function:

Using the oven’s keep warm function, you can save time to prevent overcooking or burning off your sweet dishes! You can save electricity this way too! With Croma induction stovetop, you can save electricity with the Auto Shut Off feature.

12) No flavor transfer:

You’ll be able to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without flavors getting transferred from one container to another since each one gets cooked from all sides evenly. The Croma Double Door Microwave Oven lets you heat two different types of food at once, making it quick and easy to use! With Croma induction stovetop, food flavors don’t get transferred from one dish to another since it heats the cookware and not the stovetop!

13) Preserves nutrients:

Cooking in the Microwave preserves more of the healthy nutrients found in vegetables than any other traditional cooking mode. Since microwaves cook food rapidly, thus sealing in the juices and natural flavor of the ingredients used, Croma ovens give you healthier dishes making your life easier and tastier.

14) Speed cooking:

You can save on time using microwaves for every day quick and easy meals that don’t need extensive preparation or long hours of cooking! Croma oven does that too, with less preheating time and cooking times than traditional ovens and stovetops.

15) Tasty food:

Croma Microwave Oven adds no additional taste to your food since it only uses short electromagnetic waves for cooking which leaves the original flavor of the ingredients intact. The Croma Double Door Microwave Oven can be used as a steamer, making it perfect for tasty and healthy dishes! Croma induction stoves use induction technology that heats the cookware and not the surface leaving the original flavor intact.

16) Energy efficient:

An Induction cooktop also saves electricity since it is energy efficient and heats up very fast! It not only consumes less power than gas or electric stoves but also helps in reducing the overall use of your kitchen appliances, thus saving money and energy.

17) Eco-friendly:

Croma Microwave Oven is safe for use at homes and workplaces since they do not emit harmful radiation like X-rays, as with microwaves. Croma ovens do not require any foil wraps to be used, unlike traditional microwaves, and produce no fumes, unlike Gas stoves which emit Carbon Monoxide potentially harmful to our health. Induction cooking technology is a more environment-friendly alternative to gas or electric cooktops since it does not use any fumes or flames that could cause air pollution.

18) Healthy eating:

Cooking inside Croma Microwave Oven preserves more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your meals than other types of cooking modes, thanks to its unique thermal effect on food ingredients! The Croma lidless double door microwave oven helps you steam vegetables and fish, preserving all essential nutrients usually lost during boiling, ensuring healthy eating every day.

19) Healthy bones:

You won’t need to worry about getting calcium deficiency in your food if you’re regularly using Croma Travel Kadai, which can be used in microwaves too! As they don’t require immediate consumption, dishes prepared using casserole crock pots are easy to store and use later for a healthy and tasty meal! Croma ovens can be used in microwaves, thus saving time to make healthy dishes which can also be stored and consumed later for lunch or dinner.

20) Taste enhancer:

Croma Microwave Oven is a perfect kitchen helper if you want to add extra flavor to your food since it cooks by retaining the natural juices of the ingredients used! With their unique thermal effect, Croma pots not only cook quickly but seal in taste too, making every dish a special treat at home every day even when you’re tired from work. Induction cooktops enhance the flavors of various dishes making each meal a special one!

21) Versatile:

Croma Microwave Oven is not just an ideal kitchen appliance to cook essential everyday dishes; it can also be used for steaming poultry meat to lock in flavors and nutrients. Croma ovens are great for cooking desserts, snacks, or even making boiled eggs! And if you need deep-fried food, a pop-up frying basket can easily take care of that for you! Croma induction stoves are multifunctional appliances that bring the ease of deep-frying right on your table at home without emitting harmful fumes like other traditional methods of frying using oils.

22) Nonstick:

Croma double door oven is made from scratch-resistant glass with a smooth ceramic coating making it easy to clean every day! Croma Microwave Oven is a safe and healthier alternative to cooking everyday dishes if you have arthritis or any other physical ailment that makes lifting heavy pots difficult. It also saves you from the tedious task of cleaning kitchen appliances after each use!

23) Food grade:

Croma Microwave oven uses food-grade materials that do not pose any health risks when heated at high temperatures. As per safety guidelines of BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standard), Croma double door microwave ovens are made up of glass and stainless steel, making them safer than traditional microwaves.

24) Croma Microwave Ovens are built to last:

Croma kitchen appliances can be used in microwaves, thus saving time and effort while cooking, making it more convenient than traditional ovens. Made up of high-quality material, Croma ovens are safe to use for common purposes, making them ideal for everyday use at home! With adequate insulation provided by fiberglass, your Croma oven lasts longer than other common types of ranges since they will not conduct heat, thus eliminating the possibility of glass cracking due to heat. The non-stick coating on the glass surface means that no food or water particles get stuck on the surface, making it easy to clean after use extending its lifespan!

25) Dishwasher safe:

You don’t have to scrub or dry your Croma Microwave Oven after use since it can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher, making life easier! No need to manually clean the oven with a sponge. When you’re tired from work, just put your best kitchen appliances in the dishwasher and get them sparkling clean for the next day’s cooking without much effort required! And if you don’t own a dishwasher, cleaning the glass surface is quick and easy too!