Are you in the market for a new stepper machine? If so, it’s essential to know how to identify the best one for your needs. Here are 25 tips to help you choose the suitable stepper machine for you.

1) Decide on the type of stepper machine you want to buy

There are two types of steppers available in the market with different features and benefits. One stepper comes with pedals, while the other has no pedals attached to it. Those with pedals are used on both home and gym floors, while those without pedals are better for indoor use.

2) Buy the stepper with adjustable resistance

Steppers that allow you to adjust the resistance are better than those without it. They will help you maximize your workout as they have several options to choose from for building up your strength. You can step on the device and set your preferred resistance, so you don’t have to change anything as you do more repetitions.

3) Steppers with no foldable option are not ideal

Most stepper machines available in the market come with a foldable design, which helps you save space when stored away. Also, those that have a fixed plan tend to be more stable, even though they may take up a lot of room in the corner of your home or gym. If you’re going to opt for one without a foldable design, make sure it has a broader base to maintain stability.

4) Go for a stepper with non-slip grips

You don’t have to take the risk of slipping while exercising on your stepper machine, especially if you’re going to use it every day. One way of finding out how likely you are to slip off a stepper is by checking whether it has rubber grip strips at the bottom that will prevent movement while using it.

5) Look for a stepper with an LCD

An LCD on your stepper machine is not just for fun. An important feature that helps you track the steps you have taken, calories burned after each workout session, and other data about your workouts can be stored in some machines. Many of them also come with pre-programmed settings, so that time wastage doesn’t occur during your workout sessions.

6) Check out the warranty period offered by manufacturers

A more extended warranty period means more confidence in the product quality. Also, it suggests how long the manufacturer has been in this business which may or may not be a good thing depending upon where you are located. Another benefit is that you will get free service if anything goes wrong with your stepper machine during the warranty period.

7) Steppers without handles are not suitable for all

If you don’t have a physical condition that limits your ability to grip while using a stepper machine, then going for one without a handle is a good idea. One of the best things about going with this option is that they require no assembly and can be used instantly after unpacking. On the downside, they offer less control over your movement, leading to poor performance than those with handles.

8) Check out if there are any additional accessories included in the package

It may or may not be essential to know how many add-ons come with a particular stepper machine. Still, it’s always lovely when manufacturers include a few essential things like a workout poster and manual to help you get started. There are, of course, other accessories that some manufacturers bundle with their products, such as water bottle holder belts and media holders for your smartphone.

9) Don’t forget the warranty period offered by the manufacturers

These days, most stepper machines come with a warranty of up to 3 years or more on parts and labor, though it may vary depending upon where you’re buying it from and who is manufacturing it. Do not hesitate to check out what each manufacturer offers before making a purchase decision.

10) Go for an affordable stepper machine without compromising quality

You don’t have to break the bank so that you can buy an expensive stepper machine. For those keen on finding a decent stepper machine to meet your requirements but at a more affordable price, do some online research and read up on consumer feedback.

11) Make sure that the feet of your stepper machine provides maximum stability

Even though several companies are manufacturing steppers these days, not all of them design their products with equal attention to detail. Most units come with rubberized grips beneath the base so that your foot never slips off while using it. Check out what each manufacturer offers before making a purchase decision.

12) Go for a stepper that is easy to maintain

A lower maintenance requirement makes a stepper machine more appealing as you don’t have to spend all your free time cleaning it after every use. Even those come with an auto-shutdown feature, which means that they will switch off automatically if the stepping plates aren’t moved for a certain period. Others have dust covers in their accessories, so you can cover them up when not used.

13) Consider the cost vs. functionality of different steppers

Several aspects can affect the price range of a particular type of product, one of which is whether or not it comes with additional features. This essentially involves the overall performance and attractiveness of any given model so keep it in mind while deciding.

14) Go for a stepper that has adjustable resistance levels

A unit with adjustable resistance levels allows you to gradually increase the difficulty over time as you eventually adjust to it. This is preferable to go with a machine that forces you to jump from one level to another without giving you enough time to make your way up slowly.

15) Compare different brands and models before making a purchase decision

Even though it may be easy enough to find good steppers, not every type of machine provides value for its price tag. Two models from two different manufacturers can end up having significant differences even though both claim they offer the same features and benefits. For this reason, always compare similar products from various brands before deciding on a particular unit.

16) Consider the weight capacity of a stepper machine

It’s essential to know beforehand the maximum load capacity a stepper machine can handle before you go ahead and buy it. This is essential, especially if you have some health problems that might affect your ability to use specific equipment without issues or discomfort.

17) Look for an easy to use the console with plenty of tension options

A good console should be simple enough so that even those who are not tech-savvy will have no trouble adapting to it, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too simple not to reduce its functionality. The more tension levels a console comes with, the better, as this will increase the difficulty level over time.

18) Try before you buy

As tempting as it may be to go online and purchase a stepper machine, try not to forget about the fact that you might regret your decision later if the product doesn’t meet your requirements after all. Always check out stores selling this type of equipment so you can test them one by one before going for a particular model.

19) Steer clear of pedals that are too small

As far as possible, go for a stepper machine that comes with pedals large enough to allow you to use both feet without having to move them all the time. This is especially important if you have more giant feet, so it’s wise not to take any risks at this point.

20) Consider your budget carefully before making a purchase decision

The price tag on a unit should be one of the top considerations when going out and buying a stepper machine. However, remember that just because two models come from different manufacturers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re equally costly. Even within the same brand, there might be some significant differences, so focus on those first before moving up or down the scale.

21) If you plan on sharing your stepper machine, look for one that’s easy to fold up and store away

Many people mistake buying a rather bulky unit they don’t even need when one that can be easily folded up is available instead. This not only saves space but also makes transportation easier when needed.

22) Buying an indoor stepper machine instead of an outdoor one

Those who live in colder regions may be tempted to go for a stepper machine that can function well even when it’s cold outside. However, unless you plan to use the device every day, getting an indoor model is a right choice as they are cheaper and more convenient.

23) Steer away from models that use batteries

This might seem like a good idea at first because it allows users to move around their unit wherever they feel like, but it also means having to pay extra money on top of what they already spent once the batteries run out. It’s much better to choose a unit with power cords instead if this is your preferred option after all.

24) Always ask for a money-back guarantee

Even though most brands that sell stepper machines offer some form of return or exchange policy, always check to see if the model you’re eyeing comes with a money-back guarantee. This is an assurance many companies give their customers because they trust their products even when new models are released in the market.

25) Find out about the warranty policy before buying

Even though this might not seem like such a big deal, it’s always better to know what your rights are if anything should go wrong with your unit after all. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re asking for free repairs even though you have every right to expect good service from the company that made or sold you this product.