Whether you are a natural blonde or brunette, there are many hair color options to choose from. If you want to change your hair color, here are 25 tips to help you choose the best one for you!

1) When you feel like changing your hair color, try to search for natural shades, such as blonde and dark brown, because these colors will highlight your skin tone. If you are not ready to commit for an extended period, try to choose semi-permanent color, which will last about ten washes.

2) You can experiment with colors that exist in nature: light green or grey, but be careful! Those shades may look very different on your hair than they do on a computer screen.

3) Do not choose bright and saturated colors (pink, blue, red), especially if you plan to go out after work or school. It would make other people think that you are celebrating or something else.

4) If possible, avoid shades that contrast too much with the tone of your skin (for example, jet black against pink-toned skin). Just pick up two complimentary techniques (black and purple, dark green, and light green, etc.).

5) Think of your hairstyle before dyeing your hair. If you want to change your hair color for a special occasion, wait at least one month after cutting it. This will give your new ‘do some time to grow out.

6) Before picking up any box or bottle of hair color, ask yourself: is this what I want? Is this how I saw myself with new hair color? Will these weird colors work together on my head? Only if you get a positive answer go ahead!

7) Do not dye your whole head in one day 😀 You know that it takes about 2-4 weeks to grow out a completely new hair color. So divide the process into several stages and only dye your hair once a month. This way, you’ll be able to check how everything grows out and correct it if something doesn’t work for you.

8) If you want to experiment with unusual colors (bright green, purple, neon yellow), use special dyes that work as semi-permanent ones. It’s usually easier to remove them than those permanent ones!

9) If possible, buy products from trusted brands because they are more likely to be less harmful to your hair than those cheap dyes from local shops.

10) Always read the instructions first! Then mix the dye according to these instructions and leave it on your head no longer than the advised time because this will help save your natural color and your time and money.

11) Just get it done!! Get the job done with; you can always change it later if needed. Never dye your hair on your own if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing.

12) If you are unsure what color to choose, always ask for some help! A new haircut may change how you see yourself, so talking with a professional hairdresser can give you helpful advice or even save your poor locks from wrong experimenting.

13) Keep in mind that dark colors look bigger while light ones make the head look more petite. So if you want to go bigger, go for darker hair color, on the contrary – lighter one.

14) Keep in mind that a hair color is a form of self-expression. So dye it the way you think looks good on you, not just because everybody else does it. Stand out from the crowd!

15) If you are unsure of your face shape, just ask for help once again! A hairdresser is the best person to provide you with general guidelines.

16) Choose colors that match your complexion; otherwise, they will only look unnatural and weird on you. There is also a tip: if the paint on the box doesn’t look good on your skin, remember that there can be different tones of the same color (for example, there can be warm and cold purple).

17) For women with lighter skin tone in general, brown hair appears fresh and pretty. On the other hand, ladies with darker complexions can afford to experiment with different shades of red or orange, depending on the desired effect.

18) If you dye your hair, don’t forget to moisturize them twice a week. Do not wash them every day. If you have time, dry them in the wind after taking a bath.

19) For those with thin or fine hair, balayage can be a great choice as it offers a combination of both natural-looking highlights and lowlights. This is one of the most requested hairs coloring techniques nowadays.

20) If you are bored with the same old look, try something new! For example, balayage works well on straight, smooth strands that aim for an ombre – style that gradually fades into darker roots. It looks beautiful when done correctly!!!

21) Try using warm tones if you have dark brown hair because this color will complement your skin tone best! On the contrary, if you have blond hair, why not try something interesting like burgundy or red?

22) When picking the shade of your dye, use some common sense. Stay away from colors that are too similar to the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes. Also, think about things like your natural skin tone before applying a new stain to it! If you want this change to be long-lasting, make sure these two things match.

23) For those with light eyes, green is an excellent choice as it makes your peepers stand out. On the other hand, blue or brown looks nice for people with darker eyes. The best thing is to play around with different colors until you’re 100% happy with the result.

24) Try using warm tones if you have dark brown hair because this color will complement your skin tone best! On the contrary, if you have blond hair, why not try something interesting like burgundy or red?

25) Keep in mind that it’s much harder to lighten long locks than short ones. So do not dye your tresses unless they are at least chin-length.