If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you may be wondering if a Haier ac is the right choice for you. There are many advantages to choosing a Haier ac unit, including quality construction, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. Here are 25 reasons you should choose a Haier ac unit for your home or office.

1. Energy-efficient ac

Haier ac is energy efficient and boasts of EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). So you do not have to worry about increasing bills even if the ac runs for 24 hours a day.

2. Instantaneous cooling

The Haier air conditioners provide instant cooling, so no waiting time is required before getting inside after switching on the unit.

3. Maintains temperature with lesser load fluctuations

Haier also ensures a more stable temperature in summers with fewer load fluctuations than traditional cooling methods such as ceiling fans or stand-alone coolers that can be extremely noisy at times due to fluctuating speeds. This causes disturbances during sleep and confuses pets and small children who find it challenging to adapt and get used to the constant changes.

4. Unit is free from dust particles

The ac filters out dirt and other minute particles in the air while providing clean and fresh air at the same time. The environment is thus kept pollution-free because of this feature.

5. Provides cold blast during summers

Haier air conditioners provide cold shots just like your refrigerator that refreshes you instantly, even on a hot summer day when water mixed with ice cubes can fail to do so. This function proves useful for nights when you need instant coolness before sleeping, especially if you live in a city with much higher temperatures than the normal range for most parts of India.

6. Can be easily installed anywhere, anytime

Haier acs come with standard installation packages that do not require expert installation services. So you can install it yourself on your own at home without hiring an external professional worker for the job. This again saves on costs and ensures that you save money on installation charges and sweat too!

7. Operates silently so no disturbance during sleep

One of the main features of Haier air conditioners is their capacity to cool rooms extremely quickly without making loud noises or creating lots of trouble in your surroundings (apart from some initial sound). If you live with babies or elders who need peace, this is the ideal model for you because it does not create any disturbances while cooling down an area.

8. No more sweaty nights

If you have been looking for a solution to get rid of sweating at night, then Haier ac is the perfect solution because it ensures that the air conditioner does not over-cool a room and end up causing some discomfort by way of a cold breeze instead of a warm one. This also helps in maintaining the inner body temperature. It works wonders for people who sweat while sleeping on hot summer nights.

9. Reduces heat from sun rays

Haier acs reduce heat from sunlight effectively during harsh summers, mainly if your house or residential complex is located near south or southwest facing windows where sunshine falls more directly without any obstruction from buildings surrounding your home/home office. The direct hit of the sunlight in summers can become uncomfortable and cause distress to people inside who would need instant relief from such a scenario.

10. Provides cool air instantly

Every working individual needs a breath of fresh air after spending long hours at work, but what if even the atmosphere around you is hot enough to suffocate you? Haier ac ensures that it provides cold air immediately (provided that the room temperature is higher than required) when the ac is switched on. No more waiting for an hour or two before getting some respite from the heat around you!

11. Cools rooms fast and become economical once cooled

As mentioned above, Haier acs cool down rooms eventually and become more cost-effective in the process because running them does not require much power. They end up cooling a room effortlessly and quickly. There is no need to keep them switched on all day long as happens with regular, stand-alone fans or split acs which have to be kept running all through the day because they take their own time to cool down a room after it has been switched off.

12. Air conditioners are cheaper than air coolers

This has been already mentioned above in Point No.#5 but this is a general truth that needs reiteration here – Haier ac models provide superior cooling capabilities when compared to regular air coolers that may look like an attractive buy at first sight but can turn out very expensive once you invest money into buying water/ice jugs repeatedly every few hours. These can also run out of water or ice very quickly, and you may have to call a service technician every time this happens, which again makes it all the more expensive in the long term.

13. Electric bills are lowered as compared to regular split acs

When running a Haier ac for eight hours straight, expect your monthly electricity bill to be around Rs 100-150 lower than what you would have paid if you had a traditional 2 ton split ac installed at your home/office premises. This is because these units consume less power on average and do not require any additional features apart from cool rooms fast and efficiently during summers.

14. More star rating means better cooling capacity

The higher the number of stars, the better is the cooling capacity of an ac. Haier acs come with star ratings between one to five (with five being the best). It has been generally observed that acs with higher star ratings are more expensive than similar models with lower star ratings because they provide better cooling capabilities and save you money over time by way of lowered electricity bills.

15. Haier acs come with a manufacturer warranty

Haier air conditioners are widely available online, and customers can benefit from various payment options (credit/debit card, net banking) while making their purchases. These units also come with a one-year or one-year extended warranty depending on the purchased model. This means that your product will be repaired for free if it malfunctions within one year of installation under normal usage conditions after buying it.

16. The best among all brands

Haier holds the title of the world’s biggest home appliances maker, which no other company has achieved so far. It has been known for manufacturing high-end products since 1984, and its acs remain superior to most other models in terms of their cooling capabilities.

17. It is the cheapest air conditioner in India

Haier acs have a price tag that is much lower when compared to other models in similar categories, which makes them the best buy in this segment. This does not mean that they compromise on quality or features because high-end products are offered at affordable prices.

18. Haier ACs are eco-friendly

Haier acs do not use ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and other such chemicals that harm the environment when released into the atmosphere while being used or at their disposal after usage is completed. These units consume less power and cool rooms faster than normal split acs, which saves electricity and results in lesser carbon dioxide emissions.

19. The best warranty policy among all brands

Haier’s machines come with a 5-year warranty under normal usage conditions because these are five times stronger than traditional 2-ton models available elsewhere in this range from leading brands like Hitachi, Voltas, Samsung, etc.

20. Haier ACs cool rooms in minutes

No other ac makes spaces habitable in 15 to 20 minutes after the user switches them on. It takes at least thirty minutes to 1 hour for a standard split ac to give you relief from the oppressive heat outside, and this means that people are living in places where summers incredibly long end up sweating it out their entire lives during these months unless they get an opportunity to shift elsewhere.

21. Noise levels of Haier ACs is tolerable

How often have we gone through advertisements that boast of loud machine sounds and fake customer testimonials (usually paid) used by manufacturers of split acs? Consumers trying out these models always complain about the racket being created by these units because one cannot even talk to someone standing 2 feet away from them. Haier acs are silent machines that do not make noise pollution in homes or offices.

22. The best warranty policy among all brands

Haier’s machines come with a 5-year warranty under normal usage conditions because these are five times stronger than traditional 2-ton models available elsewhere in this range from leading brands like Hitachi, Voltas, Samsung, etc.

23. Easy service and maintenance

These air conditioners can be serviced easily during their lifetime since these are full-sized split acs that do not need to be carried around the building where they have been installed, unlike window acs below 1 ton.